Here are a few other businesses and organizations that are part of our community.

Please give them your support!

Black and White Imperial Hotel Logo

Imperial Hotel

Our sister business is a six-room historic boutique hotel in downtown Amador city with a full bar and dining room.

16 Quartz Hop Farm logo.

16 Quartz Hop Farm

Located on highway 16 about 5 miles from the brewery, 16 Quartz grows a range of excellent quality hops. We buy as much of our hops as we can from them.

Upcountry Farms logo.

Upcountry Farms

Our friends Dan and Tori run this great little veggie farm out in Ione. Their veggies are unparalleled, and we use a lot of them on our menu.

PT Ranch Regenerative Pastured Communal logo.

PT Ranch

PT ranch is an ambitious and inspiring regenerative ranch located in Ione. They raise sheep, pigs, and chickens, and have done land restoration projects that include rotational grazing and silvopasture. 

Admiral Maltings

We purchase over 95% of the grain used in our beers from admiral maltings in alameda. They work with farmers across California to grow low impact, dry farmed barley, wheat, and oats. They take that California grain and malt it up for us to make beer out of. It’s remarkably tasty stuff.

Amador Trail Stewardship logo.

Amador Trail Stewardship

To provide and enhance equitable public access to outdoor recreation while fostering an inclusive community in and around Amador County.

Amador Farmers Market Logo

Amador Farmers Market

The Amador Farmers Market inspire and nurture a healthy community by building a local, sustainable food economy in a vibrant experiential marketplace.

Friends & Retail Partners

Since 2010 Guantonios Wood Fired logo.


A family owned and operated restaurant in Lodi that is focused
on, and inspired by, the beauty that is northern California agriculture. The selected medium for their food philosophy is wood fired pizza.

Admiral Maltings The Rake Alameda, California U.S.A logo.

The Rake

At Admiral Maltings is a one-of-a-kind establishment where you can sample libations made with admiral maltings California grown and malted grain while watching the maltsters at work. A fun place to check out beers made with California malt.

State Bird Provisions logo.

State Bird, The Anchovy Bar, And The Progress

Are a trio of our favorite San Francisco restaurants. The food is stellar, certainly; as is their beverage programme. Not to be missed on your next trip to the city.

Small Town logo.

Small Town Food & Wine

Our neighbors and good friends here in town

We Support The Following Not For Profit Organizations

Foothill Conservancy Since 1990 logo.

The Foothill Conservancy

Is a local non-profit with the mission to protect, restore and
sustain the natural and human environment in amador and calaveras counties for the benefit of current and future generations.

Amador Fire Safe Council logo.

Amador Fire Safe Council

A local non-profit with the mission to protect the people and property of amador  ounty from the catastrophic effects of wildfire through education, outreach, innovation, and action.

Sutter Health Sutter Amador Hospital logo.

Sutter Amador Hospital

A community based non-profit hospital with 52 licensed beds. As the only hospital in amador county it serves a population of more than 40,000 people.

Green Visit Amador City logo.

Amador City Business And Community Association

A local non-profit supporting business and community engagement in amador city.

Future Starts Now Inc. logo

The Future Starts Now, Inc.

A local non-profit dedicated to the production of inspiring high quality investigative journalism, photography, poetry, and educational programs that sim to shift toward a paradigm of health, joy, and abundance and away from disease, misery, and scarcity.

Farms Of Amador

A Local non-profit that supports agricultural education programs for local youth, and work to increase awareness of our county’s many agricultural products.