Release The Lagers

Saddle up on Sunday June 4th

We’ve corralled a few of the most refined beers from our herd, rested them cold for a good long time, branded them up, and will be sending them out to market!

Come on out to the Break Even Beergarden on Sunday June 4th where we will debut our first lagers - Pilsner Cowboy Pilsner and Amador Gold - on draft and in cans. The Break Even Kitchen will be pumping out the victuals, and it’ll be a fine day to cool your heels in the beergarden and take in the live bluegrass from our friends in the Bubba Pickens Band.

Festivities kick off at noon, with music from 1pm-4pm.

Special Beer Release

Pilsner Cowboy Pilsner

4.5% ABV

This balanced Czech pils-inspired lager boasts all California Pilsner Malt from Admiral Maltings and noble-influenced hops from Indie Hops in Oregon. Light and crisp, yet complex, Pilsner Cowboy Pilsner is perfect for quaffing in quantity, or for slowly dwelling on the delicate floral hop complexities. Woe, should you gaze upon such sights! It’s Pilsner, Cowboy.

Amador Gold

5.0% ABV

The first iteration of our golden foothill lager. This beer is a near pure expression of Admiral’s beautiful Gallagher Malt subtly balanced with regional Santiam, Mt. Hood, and Cascade hops. It drinks with notes of soft fresh-baked bread and finishes clean and smooth. Bonne chance!